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We were initially referred to Analytix Solutions by our accountant who spoke very highly of the team. In truth, I was not completely sold on the idea of outsourcing our bookkeeping until we met personally with Satish. His business manner was very sincere and his understanding of our needs impressive. There was no “hard sell” and that was important because that's all anyone does these days and it would not have worked with us. What Analytix did do was tell us exactly how they could help us, what to expect from their services and that they would love to have us as a client. I have come to realize through my years in the communications industry that if a company is THAT secure and confident and THAT comfortable answering questions about their product, then they probably have a really great product. And so far Analytix has followed through on everything. The team emphasizes integrity of the data, the network and of their business practices as well which is very important to us especially in today’s economy. I am very confident in our Analytix team’s people, abilities and service. They have helped me immensely, as I can now focus on what I do best and they handle all of our finances. They have been exceptional to work with and if you are operating a business of any size, you should hire them — plain and simple. Blockquote

Jason Veduccio
Principal, Veduccio+Partners

As a non-profit, our focus is to provide quality service to our members while keeping costs low. During a reorganization, one area in which we realized we needed professional attention was accounting processes and procedures. This expertise was too expensive to bring in house, so we hired Analytix Solutions. We have been very pleased with their service. It is nice to have a direct relationship with dedicated point people who are quick to respond to our needs. The Analytix team is very good at what they do and provides services at a very reasonable rate. They handle all of our financial operations- bookkeeping, accounting, and reporting. Analytix Solutions has grown significantly since we began our relationship with them, and we have benefitted from their growth. They are technologically savvy. We are a small non-profit that now has access to amazing technology, which has really helped us to grow our own activities. Blockquote

Vanita Shastri
Executive Director, TIE-Boston Chapter

As a small law firm, I need to run my practice as leanly as possible. At first I was lucky to have a secretary with a background in bookkeeping who managed all of my bookkeeping. After she left, I could not find a part-time replacement who could perform and manage this aspect of my business. I even looked at temporary accounting firms, but the service wasn’t systematic enough, and I always had a new person working on my account. I hired Analytix and have had no regrets. They repeatedly do a fantastic job. I wasn’t sure in the beginning if they would be able to follow processes specific to my business, but they have been very willing to learn and execute them accurately and efficiently. Analytix manages all of our routine bookkeeping and accounting remotely, which eliminates the need for me to provide office space for a bookkeeper. I thought that I would have to adapt my business processes if I hired them. Instead, they learned to use my existing accounting procedures. We have had a very positive experience using Analytix. Over the years I have expanded the type and complexity of accounting work that they perform for my firm. Analytix Solutions now handles all our accounts payable, invoicing, and accounts receivable, and does so very effectively and
efficiently. Blockquote

Robert Plotkin
Esq, Patent Attorney, President, Robert Plotkin PC

I have used Analytix Solutions for over four years now and have not looked back. The complexity of my operation was too difficult for an in-house bookkeeper. I run three separate corporations with some overlap between the entities. I had tried several bookkeepers, but the expense allocation among the entities was continuously recorded incorrectly. Other companies were extremely cost prohibitive and wanted to charge substantially more to help keep our finances in order. Analytix Solutions has simplified my bookkeeping, and I am confident in the accuracy of their data. With Analytix, we have received consistently superior service for a price that was very reasonable. I would recommend Analytix Solutions’ services to anyone looking to save time and money on their bookkeeping without compromising the quality of the work. Blockquote

Marcus Lewis
Founder, Marcus Lewis Day Camp and Tennis Center

A few years ago, Wiper Systems realized we only required someone 25%-50% of the time to handle our accounting functions. A single person was assigned responsibility for managing accounting, HR, sales, and other activities. As a result, the accounting tasks were not receiving the attention that they warranted. Checks and balances were not fully implemented, activities were not always completed on time, and financial information sharing needed improvement. In August 2008, we surveyed over 20 companies and then issued RFQs to 5 companies. Analytix Solutions indicated on their proposal that they offered the most comprehensive and most flexible service. We were skeptical that they would actually follow our complex business processes, but we decided to contract with Analytix Solutions based on their capabilities. Wiper Systems has been a satisfied customer since then. Analytix Solutions handles the daily bookkeeping tasks with attention to detail, but we now also rely on them for year-end accounting reviews, preparation of R&D tax credit supporting documentation, and business divestiture support. They have the ability to expand to meet "heavy" processing periods. If our accounting was performed in-house, this would be extremely difficult to manage. Being able to adapt to our needs is something they do exceptionally well. Analytix Solutions supplies a dedicated representative who receives training on our systems and follows our work instructions. That person also provides feedback to us on how to improve. Their staff are well-trained, competent, and are problem solvers -- not only problem identifiers. Analytix Solutions' quality is top notch with an error rate likely lower than our prior in-house solution. By outsourcing the work, we were forced to improve our process documentation which benefits us long term. Blockquote

James Ludwig
Director of Administration, Wiper Systems

I hired Analytix Solutions to manage our bookkeeping because I felt that my focus should be on growing and running TAB Metro Boston. I did not want to be concerned or distracted by bookkeeping functions that build up over time because I have not had time to deal with them. I have been impressed by the Analytix team’s attention to detail and service. On a monthly basis, they email me requests of necessary financial documents, and then email me reminders if they have not received the documents on a timely basis. They keep my financials current, eliminate my involvement in the day-to-day bookkeeping, have reduced my bookkeeping costs by 50% per month, and allow me to concentrate on my business - which is where my time should be spent. Blockquote

Ron Bott
President, TAB Metro Boston

When we started this business, we decided to outsource the bookkeeping and accounting functions. Owning and operating two different entities made our bookkeeping more complicated, and we did not want to take on that responsibility ourselves. A colleague referred us to Analytix Solutions as they were using Analytix’s services in a similar capacity. Their fees seemed reasonable, so we signed-on with them. We made an excellent decision in partnering with Analytix. We use them for all of our financial needs now- accounts payable, reconciliations, and all of our tax filing documents. They have lots of tools and services that we can take advantage of, such as the web portal. Using them as a consultant and sounding board has been most beneficial to us. They provide tremendous guidance to us as a small business, and we trust their advice completely. We have a fantastic relationship with our account manager at Analytix. The entire team provides excellent service, without compromise. Blockquote

Isabella Kalia
Manager, New Delhi Convenience and Liquor Zone

As the owner of three different businesses, my accounting and bookkeeping can become very complicated. Prior to using Analytix Solutions, I had considered using an accounting service but that option was too expensive and their turnaround time was too long. I began to search for a web based solution because I thought that would be a better match for my needs. My CPA referred me to Analytix Solutions. I have been extremely pleased with their services. Their quality and attention to detail is excellent, and their response time to our issues is great- they are quick and efficient. They have access to all our corporate bank accounts, and I completely trust them with our financial information. I can’t say enough good things about the Analytix team. Since I began using them, I have had a 50% reduction in costs across my three businesses. I have since referred them to other companies, and I have also begun using them for additional services including SEO and web-site development. Blockquote

Henry Shtrenberg
Owner/Principal, Community Business Networks, New England Sports Academy, Step-Up Venture University, Adjunct Professor- Bentley University

Blue Leaf is a small enough company that our needs did not warrant hiring a full time, in-house bookkeeper. However, we did need a bookkeeping service that instilled confidence in us regarding their abilities. As a principal of the company, I needed to be hands-off. What stood out in our minds about Analytix Solutions when we were considering our options was that we could send them what they needed and forget about it after that. They do great work and are very consistent. I know what to expect each month- there are no surprises. That makes my job much easier. Although they were cost effective to use, we also did not select their services based solely on price. We considered more the quality of the work they put forward. What has happened in the past when we hired a bookkeeping service is that they become inundated at quarter and year-end close, and we get backed-up. That has not happened with Analytix. They are a superior alternative to our other options, and we reap the benefit of their organization and consistency in the reporting they deliver to us. Blockquote

John Prendergast
Co-Founder & CEO, BlueLeaf

Four years ago, we relocated our operations from California to Massachusetts and as a result experienced turnover in our Accounting Department. We operate two different companies, so it was very important that we keep our books separate. After the move, our bookkeeping and accounting was not being completed in a timely fashion, and we were looking for some stability for that. We decided to outsource these functions and found Analytix Solutions. They have been performing our bookkeeping now for over three years, and we are very happy with their service. They also prepare all our reporting for our CPA, and we use their web portal for managing all of our bills. Analytix also created for us various management reports (Forex, Costing, Collection, etc.). The automated collection letters allowed us to reduce drastically our collection time. Their communication and customer service is excellent, and we are very impressed by their company. The Analytix team is always ready to help us, and they have really helped us streamline our process and as a result decrease our overall operational expenses. Blockquote

Pascal Benichou
President, Euro Bubblies, Euro Brews

We were originally referred to Analytix Solutions by our CPA when we were in the process of opening a US office. We were searching for a company that could manage all of our US accounting and bookkeeping needs- invoicing, accounts receivable management, credit management. More importantly, we needed a company that could provide general advice and guidance on US accounting practices as we are a European based organization. Analytix Solutions has exceeded all of our expectations in delivering these services, and we are extremely confident in their abilities. They have allowed us to outsource all of our back office accounting functions in the US, which permits us to focus on sales. Blockquote

Graham Parker
Reflective Technology Solutions

We utilize Analytix's system in every accounting aspect, including the completion of fiscal year end audit and tax preparation schedules. Our own accountant is VERY impressed by the quality of their work.Our bookkeeping is never lagging, their turnaround time is incredible and our ledger is consistently up to date within 24 hours of submitting information. They excel at maintaining the continuity of our data. They have really assisted in streamlining our own internal processes. Blockquote

Janine Gregory
Finance Manager, Lead Karma

We hired Analytix Solutions to manage the AP and AR transactions of our media billing. At first, we watched Analytix Solutions very tightly because our primary business was linked so closely to the accuracy of the media bill reconciliations. Analytix has done such a great job at implementing what is a very complicated and constantly changing process...I know they are actually paying close attention to the invoices- they are watching and observing and not just processing them. Blockquote

Marie Lowre
Finance Manager, Blitz Media

Analytix solutions can make a huge difference in the growth and success of a startup... Analytix solutions is similar to having a dedicated team without paying top price for professionals. They have deep domain knowledge specific to accounting issues for startups and can be a real asset in helping an entrepreneurial venture be successful. Their level of expertise, support and resources are unprecedented. Analytix is best in the business and I would recommend them without any
hesitation. Blockquote

Akil Nigam
President and Founder, Mass Challenge

Analytix Solutions developed an integrated system that allowed us to look ahead at our budgets and gain a much better handle on where we stood financially. We have a very short window with our customers, 8-10 weeks for some camps or leagues but at times just a single day. Being able to see changes in our customer trends rapidly is of the greatest importance to us… The fact that they are working with similar companies allows us to benchmark ourselves against other facilities and evaluate how we are performing against industry standards and norms. Blockquote

Steve Werner
General Manager, Dreamsports Centers
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Analytix Solutions’ attention to detail and the quality of their work is amazing. They have been terrific. We view them not only as a partner but as an extension of our employee team. They have provided us with solid accounting assistance, but they have also really gotten to know our business. If we had to bring our financial operations in-house and hire a full-time bookkeeper and full-time controller, it would cost us three times what we are paying now. And I doubt we would receive the same quality service and added value. We have become extremely dependent upon them. Blockquote

Peter Falkson
CEO, National Sleep Therapy
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I have been most impressed by the way Analytix platforms their technology. Their Web Portal is amazing and brings a whole new level of service to my business. It provides me with a better way to manage my company. I can leverage this technology to move my business forward, which as a small business I would not have been able to afford to do otherwise. Blockquote

Daniel Budd
Executive Chef, Owner, Taste Budds, Inc.

One of Analytix Solutions’ greatest strengths is that they look at every single process, and they automate it as much as possible. This greatly reduces the risk of inaccuracies, and it makes us more efficient as a business. Other companies we tried using just threw more manpower at a situation, which ultimately increased our costs. Analytix Solutions is now our entire accounting department, and they have added great economic value to our businesses. Blockquote

Don Crowe
CPA, CEO, Arena Sports
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Not only does Analytix manage our back office financials, they assist us with our electronic document storage providing us with online access to all of our vendor contracts. We really take advantage of their web portal, especially for the e-documents. They are responsive, extremely efficient and pay close attention to details. They are really helping us to become more proactive than reactive in our financial management. We have been able to reduce costs associated with financials and record keeping by approximately 60% since we began using them. Blockquote

Richard D’Angelo
Owner, Red Parrott

Hiring Analytix has been a phenomenal decision, and has reaped great rewards in less than a year. We have accurate accounting, meaningful financial reports and real-time analysis prepared by professionals. We can now spend our time analyzing the financial reports and implementing new strategies to grow our business. Every small business should consider outsourcing their accounting. Analytix has proven they can do the job thoroughly, efficiently and accurately. They are a true partner in our business. Blockquote

Don Crowe
CPA, CEO, Arena Sports
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At the beginning of our relationship, our own QuickBooks system crashed, and we lost all the financial information for one of our properties. Analytix Solutions was able to rebuild all the information on their own server for us with 24/7 access in approximately three weeks, which was a significant amount of work within a short period of time. They have the bandwidth to resolve important issues quickly and then to scale back resources to what is required on an ongoing basis… They have been instrumental in creating transferable systems for our company instead of a line of people who can leave with knowledge of the business. Blockquote

Gautam Sharma
President, Global Vision hotels
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Analytix Solutions was a more than capable partner. They maintained a very quick turnaround on issues we needed addressed. Even more importantly, whenever a customer approaches them with an issue they very ably assess whether it needs to be elevated to our engineering department. They have always been very responsive to our needs. Blockquote

Ray Feoli
President, Document Strategies
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Analytix Solutions offered us extremely bright, extremely competent people. It was very apparent during our initial meeting that they were more technologically sophisticated than the other companies under consideration. We were initially concerned about hiring a company that was based several hundred miles away from our facility, but that fear was eliminated as soon as we met the team. They were by far our best option… Every time we needed them, they were there. Sometimes when you hire someone or a company part-time, it can be difficult to get their attention. This has not been our experience with Analytix Solutions. The team at Analytix is always very responsive to our needs. When things are urgent, they are there. When things are time sensitive, they deliver. Blockquote

Gary Youm
CFO and Owner, SFH
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The breadth and depth of services Analytix Solutions offers is pretty amazing. What’s even more amazing is how well they perform them. They allow me to do what I do best – which is sales and marketing, not programming or accounting… If Analytix Solutions stopped doing business today, we would be out of business. We are that reliant upon their services. Blockquote

Scott Barrie
Managing Director, Investcap Advisors
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We had six different facilities which acted like six different business lines. Every business reported financial operations independently. We just couldn’t integrate the business. Analytix Solutions helped us. It was impressive how quickly they came up to speed. They asked the right questions, really got to know our business and were providing high quality, solid information to us on a timely basis. Blockquote

Tom McLaughlin
Owner, Teamworks
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We were very doubtful that this integration could be performed, not because we doubted the abilities of Analytix Solutions, but because it was too good to be true. Analytix Solutions made the billing process seamless, and they took care of everything. They have provided us with great 'peace of mind'. Our billing process is now very efficient and our turnaround time is 24-48 hours. Now we can see where we are financially at any time. Partnering with Analytix Solutions was one of the best decisions we’ve made as a firm. Blockquote

Nancy Flynn
Flynn & Wirkus
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We were 4% more profitable then we would have been if we had managed these functions in-house, and that's assuming we would have performed those functions as well as Analytix
Solutions. Blockquote

Gary Brach
CEO, AgencyPort
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At Rapport International we translate your words into any language. We work with many vendors and clients around the world so accurate bookkeeping is key. Analytix Solutions solved many of our problems by instituting financial processes and checks and balances to catch oversights. We thought that we needed to have an in-house bookkeeper, but we could not afford the sophistication that we needed. By outsourcing to Analytix, we get financial guidance that we need now at a set monthly price that we can afford. In addition, we know that Analytix will be able to grow with us, eliminating changes in our financial systems in the future. Blockquote

Wendy Pease
Owner, Rapport International LLC

Before becoming an Analytix client, we had no idea about the profitability of our jobs even though I spent many tens of hours on bookkeeping. With Analytix, our financials are maintained with accuracy with materials and labor tracked for each job. Job costing has allowed me to better estimate my costs and become more profitable. Blockquote

AEDI Construction

Analytix has proven ideal for my legal practice. The system is not only timely but their paperless document management system provides me instant access to originals of any financial transaction within seconds. Their quality of work is exceptional. Their detail orientation has been particularly helpful in the areas of credit card and escrow reconciliation. Blockquote

Principal Attorney
Robert Plotkin, P.C.

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