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At Analytix Solutions, we have a dedicated team of qualified professionals with deep industry experience and technical expertise to manage a multitude of tasks ranging in complexity and size. We aim to offer high quality solutions to our clients across multiple industries, and we strive to surpass our client’s expectations with every single project.

Our staff is comprised of qualified FCAs, Software Engineers, Management Professionals and other experts from relevant fields. Analytix Solutions’ UK division is supported by its corporate headquarters, based in the US, as well as an India division with over 400 employees. Our UK office is overseen by a team comprised of a CA and an IT expert with over 40 years of combined experience. Our team’s extensive background enables us to advise clients on a range of business initiatives, in addition to accounting and bookkeeping services.

Satish Patel, Founder & CEO of Analytix US

Satish Patel Satish’s career began more than two decades ago as a CPA, conducting audits for small and mid-sized firms. Satish has advised business owners on financial and accounting issues, buying and selling decisions, and business valuations. He was later certified as a Financial Planner and joined a software start-up as its Chief Financial Officer. He was responsible for all financial aspects of the company and also spearheaded human resources, information technology, internal operations and tax planning issues. Satish played a crucial role in expanding the company’s operations to 4 other countries and increasing sales to over $10 million. During his tenure at the startup, he also engineered several key financial initiatives, including raising venture capital and securing angel financing. The startup was eventually acquired by a publicly traded company.

Over the past two decades, Satish has built, acquired and sold several successful businesses. These experiences have provided him with significant insight into the issues faced by small to mid-sized businesses.

Satish has a Management degree from MS University in Baroda, India and an Accounting degree from California State University at Fullerton. He is a member of the International Business Brokerage Association and a charter member of The Indus Entrepreneurs Boston chapter. Satish actively contributes to community development through his participation in non-profit organisations.

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Nihir Shah, Co- Founder and Head of Operations

Nihir Shah Nihir is an experienced Account Manager with a Financial Services background and over 7 years of experience managing various financial aspects of both US and UK accounts.

Nihir has been instrumental in expanding Analytix Solutions’ operations to the UK. His responsibilities also include business development, marketing initiatives, and implementation of strategic plans across all sectors, with a focus on finance and accounting outsourcing.

Prior to joining Analytix, Nihir worked as Chief Accountant in Manchester UK at one of the largest dental groups, reporting directly to the company’s CEO and Financial Controller for all business reporting needs. In addition to Nihir’s accounting experience, he also has extensive experience with increasing productivity through process automation, business analysis and project management.

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When we started this business, we decided to outsource the bookkeeping and accounting functions...