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Free and Confidential Analysis of Your
Accounting System

Our offer is straight forward: we will conduct a free analysis of your company’s accounting system and provide you with a written report of those findings. Our report will provide you with another perspective on your company’s accounts, much like a second opinion on the financial health of your business.

How will our free analysis help you?

The free accounting analysis report will provide you with key input on the current accounting status of your business. The report will include:

  • A complete analysis of your company’s accounting system
  • Recommendations on how to set-up your accounting system for optimum performance
  • Suggestions for increasing the efficiency of your accounting operations
  • Technical or operational insights on optimising accounting support functions
  • Recommendations on ways to improve employee and overall productivity of human resources
  • Responses to any other specific questions that you might have raised in the questionnaire

What about the questionnaire?

The objective of the free analysis is to provide you with recommended solutions to increase business efficiency. In order to accomplish this, it helps to learn more about your business. The questionnaire that you complete and return to us will contain background information about your business and its support functions, which will assist in compiling the final analysis of your accounting system.

Our process is simple yet effective.

We have extensive experience working with small businesses, and we therefore understand the challenges you face. We believe that lack of resources should not constrain a promising business from reaching the top. At Analytix Solutions, we direct our extensive experience and unique insights towards helping you find your potential and to help your business reach the very top. At Analytix, our focus remains on our client: You. The needs and requirements of your business drive our processes and solutions.

Elements of our process:

1. Fill in the Questionnaire

As a first step towards the free and confidential analysis of your accounting system, you need to complete the accompanying questionnaire and return it to us.

2. Gather relevant information

Next, we will gather competitive data and information on various businesses. This will help us to formulate better solutions for you.

3. Preliminary discussion/meeting

First, we will have a preliminary session with you to understand your needs. We will also review any information you might want to share with us.

4. Conduct analysis

Our analysis will consist of several components, including, data provided by you and external competitive data.

5. Compile results

Upon completion of the analysis of your accounting process, supporting functions, and other relevant operations, we will present you with a written report that summarizes your existing accounting functions.

We will discuss the report with you to clarify any questions, and we would welcome the opportunity to work with you in the future on implementing any of the recommendations outlined in our report.

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Hiring Analytix has been a phenomenal decision, and has reaped great rewards in less than a year...


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